How to Choose a Bedding Set

Choosing a new bedding set, whether it is Egyptian cotton bedding, satin sheets, plain cotton bedding or silk bedding, is important to get it right – particularly as we spend one third of our day in bed. The perfect bedding combined with a comfortable mattress will ensure a very good night of sleep.

What Should Be Included in a Bedding Set?

Check what it is included in any bedding set that you buy so that you don’t double up on pillowcases or fitted sheets. Certain bedding brands will have the option to mix and match which is the perfect opportunity to go for some contrasting style.

You will encounter different types of “sets” being offered by many different brands. Some may include a single pillow case, some will include two or four. Some sets may come with a fitted sheet; others will consist of a duvet cover and assorted sheets but not pillow cases. The myriad sets that are being sold can fool people into buying a bedding set that is incomplete for the same price of a bedding set that is complete. Watch out for the advertising and read the small print and know what you are buying before you pay up.

Do I Use the Mattress Size Measurements For Buying a Bedding Set?

Check out our bed size guide here to make sure you are buying the right size duvet and bedding sets to fit your mattress. There is nothing more annoying than a fitted bed sheet that won’t stretch to the corners of the bed or keeps popping off, or a duvet that doesn’t cover the bed fully.

Which Fabric is Most Comfortable For a Bedding Set?

There are plenty of materials to choose from when buying a bedding set, so make sure you go with one that fits your style and that will be the most comfortable for you. Check out our guide to the different types of materials for bedding here.

Which Colour Bedding Should You Choose?

Keep it all looking stylish by complementing your existing colour schemes with a bedding set and an option to mix and match the colours.

Which Bedding Should You Buy For Your Climate?

There is no point in going for cool, crisp Egyptian cotton sheets if you are living in sub-zero temperatures, or flannel sheets if you live in tropical climes. Climate plays a big part in your decision.

How Do You Choose Quality Bedding Sets?

Don’t skimp on quality, but don’t assume that means picking the most expensive. There are plenty of good quality, well made bedding sets out there that don’t cost the earth. If you aren’t sure about thread count, try to find something in the 400-800 range to ensure the best comfort. Read more about the difference between duck down duvets and goose down duvets here.

Your choice of bedding really is down to personal preference. If you don’t like the feel of satin sheets, no matter how many people recommend them to you, you’ll never be comfortable enough between them to get a proper rest. If you find Egyptian cotton to be too thick and heavy, don’t feel pressured by friends raving about how good it is. If you are more inclined towards a comfortable flannel bedding sheet set then that’s what you should go with. Try out the one you think will suit you best and then go for it. So remember, go with what you like.