Standard Bed Sizes

What is a standard double bed size? How big is a queen size bed? What are the king size bed dimensions? Is a standard single bed size always the same? Bed sizes are a bit of a mystery at the best of times, and we haven’t even started to consider super king size bed sizes or extra long twin beds.

The absolute most important part of buying bedding sets, duvets and duvet covers is purchasing the correct size. Most beds come in standard sizes such as a twin bed or single bed, a double bed or a full size bed and a queen size bed or king size bed, however, when you are shopping in stores that follow their own sizing conventions (we’re not mentioning any Swedish stores!) or you are shopping online, then it can get a little tricky.

So, whether you are an ex-pat that needs some help understanding your new country’s standard mattress sizes, or simply wish to look up your native country’s sizes and make sure you have the right size before you buy, always make sure you know what size your mattress is before purchasing a bedding set. Once you have found the size of bedding you need, check out our tips on how to get the duvet inside the duvet cover without a struggle!

A Comparison Table of UK Bed Sizes and US Bed Sizes

UK Single Bed
(US Twin Sized Bed)
UK Queen Sized Bed or Double Bed
(US Double Bed or Full Sized Bed)
UK King Sized Bed
(US Queen Sized Bed)
UK Super King Sized Bed
(US King Sized Bed)
UK Bed Sizes
Width: 90 cm.
Length: 185-90 cm.
Width: 135-140 cm.
Length: 190 cm.
Width: 150 cm.
Length: 200-205 cm.
Width: 180-195 cm.
Length: 200-205 cm.
US Bed Sizes Width: 36 in.
Length: 75 in.
Width: 54 in.
Length: 75 in.
Width: 60 in.
Length: 78-80 in.
Width: 72-76 in.
Length: 78-80 in.

(Table reproduced from the website)

There are fewer more frustrating things than having a too-small or too-large fitted sheet. You either end up wrestling your mattress or seeing it dwarfed. Make sure you know where your bedding set is coming from and what measurements it is using before buying. Using the measurements rather than “Queen” or “King” is a much better and more accurate way of ensuring a good fit.

standard bed sizes