Which is the Best Bedding Material?

Choosing which bedding material suits your preference is the fun part of shopping for your bedding set. Bedding sets come in all shapes and sizes – the easiest part for some is finding a design they like; for others, it’s finding the right material that will complement their room and make them feel comfortable.

When narrowing down your choices on bedding, remember which questions to ask before you make your decision. The type of material you choose needs a special mention as there are quite a few to choose from.

Which Bedding Material Should You Choose?

The different types of bedding material available are also a big consideration when deciding what bedding set to purchase. With different materials, come different weaves, breath-ability, and comfort levels, as well as differing ease of washing, ironing, and overall care.

Cotton Bedding

Cotton is the most popular, used, and favoured of all fabrics for bedding sets and sheets. It is the most breathable, softest, durable, and affordable materials to use. It also has the ability to be blended with synthetic materials such as polyester. There are different types of cotton, from American-made, Indian-made, and Egyptian cotton, the last of which is considered the most high-end, expensive, and luxurious cotton to use in bed sheets. If you want to splurge a little, this is the material best used in bedding for the best feel and look.
kylie at home silky bedding material

Celebrity Designer Kylie Minogue At Home ” Madaline ” Oyster Duvet Coverkylie at home silky bedding material

Silk Bedding

Silk bedding is also luxurious, but it is also very slippery. There are countless humorous tales of people sleeping on silk sheets wearing silk pyjamas and practically sliding out of bed due to the silkiness. While funny, this can be a problem for some, especially those who have smaller beds. However, should you not wear silk pyjamas, this is an excellent material to choose for bedding as it is a cool alternative to other materials and is very breathable. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, so that is a plus to take into consideration for those who suffer from allergies.

Cotton Blend Bedding Material

The most popular blend to find in bedding sets are Cotton-Polyester blends, which lend themselves to easy washing while remaining soft and breathable. Blends help bedding sets achieve additional durability. Other blends found in bedding fabric are Cotton and Viscose fibre (from bamboo, silk, or polyester).

Tencel Bedding Material

In addition, there is a man-made, new age fibre being used in bedding sets called Tencel. This material has an amazing ability to hinder the growth of bacteria and resist moisture. This is an excellent material to keep in mind for bedding being used in cabins, sports-active children’s rooms, as well as those who live in tropical, humid, or hot regions.

Mixing and matching your bedding set can simply be a matter of looking up pattern or colour palates, seeking an expert’s opinion, or doing some research online or in magazines.

Many websites offer filters where you can include or filter out materials, colours and patterns. When it comes to bedding sets, the normal rule is that the sheets are a single-tone colour which complements the comforter.

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