Summer Blankets

Blankets come in many fabrics, sizes and weights that they make the perfect accessory for your bedding set. You can choose from cashmere blankets, soft pastel shades of blanket, fleece blankets and even thin wool blankets or homemade crochet blankets. Blankets are perfect for that snuggly feeling in the evening but they are also great for those spring or summer nights when you feel a bit of a chill.


Luxury Brushed Bamboo Blanketblankets

How to Use Blankets On Your Bed in the Summer

If you have already swapped your winter duvet for your summer duvet blankets are the perfect answer to help keep you warm at night for when the temperature drops a little. If your summer duvet just isn’t quite warm enough for those in-between months then layering up with that soft cashmere blanket is ideal.
If you are a layer person anyway, then you will probably have a blanket tucked away somewhere. Either tuck it in between the sheets and the duvet or just put it over the duvet for the night for a little extra warmth. A comfortable feel isn’t a major concern, either. That’s what your sheets and bed linen provide. What you’re looking for in a good blanket is performance.

Luxury 100% Cashmere Wrap Blanket – Made in Scotland by Love Cashmere

Synthetics can be very warm and lightweight, but can also generate a lot of static electricity. Wool is heavy and warm, but some people are allergic to wool, so this might not be the best choice for you. Cotton is breathable, but depending on the weave might not be your best insulator, whereas down blankets can be very warm and lightweight, but also carry potential allergy issues. We love some of the cashmere blankets that you can get because not only do they look great, they feel great as part of your bedding or just for curling up under in the evening.