Cotton Duvet Covers

Shopping for cotton duvet covers might seem straight forward, but you don’t want to open the wrapping on your new duvet cover and discover it is very rough, or after it’s first wash it needs ironing, or perhaps the material isn’t as shiny as you had hoped.

Cotton Duvet Covers

Cotton is one of the most common materials for a duvet. This material allows for limitless patterns, colours, and textures, with the added benefit that it is easy to take care of. It is soft for sleeping under and has a great breath-ability factor. Cotton is perfect for all climates, and if you aren’t sure what material you want in your duvet cover, we would suggest going with cotton as a safe start.

cotton duvet covers  

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Cotton Blend Duvet Covers

Blends of cotton-polyester can be a popular mix – made from both natural and synthetic fibres – the reason why we love this mix so much is that it doesn’t need ironing. The duvet cover can be tumble dried and still emerge ready to put on the bed. The blend of the polyester into the cotton makes for a lie-flat material that, due to its synthetic nature, does not need to be flatted out after washing. In addition, just like cotton, blends are appropriate for any region due to breath-ability. We would also recommended this type of duvet cover for households with children, as it is easier to wash spills, dirt, and grass marks from blend fibres.Looking for something a little more fancy than a cotton duvet cover why not try a silk duvet cover instead?