Down Duvets

The ultimate duvets for warmth and comfort are good goose down or duck down duvets. The benefits to fibre fill duvets and quilts are that they are lightweight, and are also hypo-allergenic, however, although the synthetic fibres insulate well, they are not as effective as a down duvet. Goose down is a little larger than duck down and so it insulates better being of a fluffier and plumper nature.

What is a Down Duvet?

Down is the under layer of insulation below the feathers, and does not contain any hard quills. There are many manufacturers out there touting down duvets, but beware, there are those who will use the word “down” in their description, simply because their product contains a certain amount of down mixed in with a lot of feathers.Look for 75% – 90% down and a fill power of at least 650 to ensure you’ve got a high quality down duvet or quilt.

Once you have bought the duvet, check out our guide to fitting the duvet inside the duvet cover here.