Duvet Covers

Duvet covers help to make a bedroom look stylish, comfortable, and luxurious. The benefits of having them are:

  • Comfort – due to the types of materials used to make duvet covers, they are comfortably smooth, airy, and feels great. The covers are easy to fold, clean, and store.
  • Style – the styles available means there is something for everyone. Whatever your design scheme is for the bedroom a duvet cover can match your décor.
  • Easy To Clean – duvet covers are very easy to clean. They are machine washable, and can be washed along with a regular laundry load.
  • Use – duvet covers help to protect the duvet. The covers can simply be thrown in the washing machine, allowing people to switch them out depending on style and preference.

duvet coversMisha Sequinned Lace Duvet Cover by Kylie Minogue at Homeduvet covers

Mix and Match Duvet Covers with Bedding

Mixing and matching duvet covers with sheets and pillow case covers can simply be a matter of looking up colour palates, asking an expert’s opinion before purchasing, or doing some research on your own.

Many online websites offer complementary colours, patterns, and matching sheet sets, especially if they are of the same brand as the duvet set. For brands that do not match, make sure you take a photo of your duvet (or have it in your cart upon purchase), and eyeball the coordination side-by-side against different possible patterns. Everyone has their own style, so if you are happy with choosing your own colours and patterns, then never be afraid to take a leap and let your interior designer out. If you haven’t yet chosen which duvet you will be using then you might want to decide on that first before selecting a duvet cover.