Faux Suede Duvet Covers

Faux suede duvet covers are essentially made from a polyester fabric rather than a natural fabric, but one that looks and feels like real suede. Because it is an imitation, it is easier to clean than real suede, which is a difficult material to work with once it gets dirty.

faux suede duvet covers
King Size Bed Suede Domino Spots Blue Duvet faux suede duvet covers

Faux suede is more affordable too, and comes in hundreds of different patterns and colours. When it comes to sleep, most people do not need the feel of real suede.

The Disadvantages of Faux Suede Duvet Covers

For those who decide to go with a faux suede duvet cover it is important to note that this can be very heavy depending upon its blend so it is much better suited to colder climates and as a winter set. It will also take a little care when washing as some of the dyes have been known to run in these faux suede duvet sets.

If this is a little too hot for you then you you might want to try a silk duvet cover or a cotton duvet cover.