How to Get a Duvet into the Duvet Cover

Fitting the right size duvet into the duvet cover – it’s a difficult job but there are a quick couple of fixes that will help make it easier and get you through this arduous task.

Rolling the Duvet into the Duvet Cover

By rolling the duvet up, fitting it into the cover rolled up and lining up the two far corners of the cover with the two far corners of the duvet you can simply unroll the duvet and hey presto – it’s in!

duvet cover clips
To make it even easier – clip the corners of the duvet to the corners of the duvet cover to make sure it stays aligned.

Tip: Don’t forget to roll the duvet away from the clipped corners to ensure it doesn’t bunch up in the wrong direction.


Alternatively you could try this method:

Inside Out Duvet Cover Fitting Technique

Turn the duvet cover inside out and put your hands inside like you are about to put on a jumper. Grip both of the far corners of the duvet cover and through the cover like you are wearing the duvet cover, grip the two matching corners of the duvet itself.

Shake the duvet off your arms with a vigorous shake and it should unfold down the duvet. Repeat until it has fallen all the way down to the bottom of the duvet.

Once you have the duvet firmly inside the cover, simply place it on a bed and even out the creases and any bunched up areas. Secure the ends of the duvet cover so that the duvet lies snugly into place. Just a quick shake when you get up in the morning and everything will fall directly into place.

If your duvet cover is a silk material and your duvet is also a silky material you may need to employ the use of duvet cover clips to keep the corners in place.