Silk Duvet Covers

Silk duvet covers are amongst the most luxurious of covers and are a wonderful and luxurious material that many love in a duvet set. This soft and elegant material feels good on the skin, makes the sleeper feel cool during the night, and can offer many vibrant colours due to the ability of silk to reflect dyes so well.

Classic iLiv Palladio Mocha Faux Silk Jacquard Bedding Duvet Cover Setsilk duvet covers

Caring for Silk Duvet Covers

Silk is often washable, but make sure the duvet set you buy is washable before you buy it. This is a more expensive option Рnot recommended for children, but for the individual or couple that wants a wonderfully silky sleep, this is a great material to snuggle up with at the end of a long day. Look out for faux silk if you want something that easy to look after but looks as good as pure silk.

If you are looking for something warmer and more unusual how about trying a faux suede duvet cover?