Synthetic Bedding or Natural Fibre Bedding

Synthetic Bedding

You’ll get a smoother finish from synthetic bedding, especially today’s microfibres, but that smooth, silky feel comes with less breathable qualities than cotton. If you tend to be a bit hot-natured, stay away from the synthetic family. Unlike other synthetic materials in the past, like polyester, modern microfibres do not pill as badly when you wash them as long as you stay away from fabric softeners. The fabric softeners can break down the fibres more quickly than detergents without fabric softeners.
synthetic bedding
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Natural Fibres for Bedding

Cotton, is still the king of fabric. It can come in two styles; knit (jersey) or woven. The best breathable cotton choice is woven. Make sure you find a “long-staple” cotton such as Egyptian or pima cotton for your sheets and pillow cases. These cottons have been combed to remove short fibres, leaving the longer, stronger ones to keep you comfortable.


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