Velvet Duvet Covers

Velvet duvet covers have been making somewhat of a comeback in recent years. Most of the velvet duvets out there are made of polyester blends and are washable. This is a huge plus, because much like suede, velvet can be a difficult material to wash and requires special washing techniques.

velvet duvet covers

Royal Velvet Duvet Cover In Victorian Damask – Faux Silk Beddingvelvet duvet covers

Are Velvet Duvet Covers a Good Choice?

Although they are unusual and will definitely add to the character of a room, we would recommend that even more so than faux suede, leave the velvet duvet sets for cooler regions of the north or for the cold, winter months. This material would be a very difficult duvet to sleep under in warm or tropical regions and one would become uncomfortable and hot very quickly. If you really want something with velvet it might be an idea to try out a duvet cover that mixes patches of velvet with silk or satin first to see if this might suit the climate and your lifestyle better.

If you fancy something a little less adventurous and want to go for something cooler then why not try out a high quality cotton duvet cover or even a luxurious silk duvet cover?